SEDCO heads the Saudi stock market promotion campaign

The multi-national company SEDCO Capital was one of the participants in the international promotional campaign of the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) for more than three weeks. The campaign was carried out in three major financial centers: Singapore, London and New York. This campaign comes after the announcement of the Saudi capital market as open for all the qualified foreign investors.

In a special statement Hasan Al Jabri, the CEO of SEDCO Capital, said that the promotional campaign is a very important step for the Saudi economy and the financial markets in Saudi Arabia. He also pointed out the great opportunities offered by the Saudi market for the investors all over the world as a major key in the emerging. And that Saudi Arabia plays an important role in the global financial system, pointing out the Saudi stock market many advantages, including Saudi Arabia market size, and the astonishing governance evolving standards, and the strength of the both localy and internationally domestic economy and financial system strong.

The promotional campaign was a clear message for the investors all around the world of the progress of the Saudi economy in a global perspective, promote the Saudi Capital Market for the international investors as an emerging or developed market.

SEDCO Capital analysts who has expertise in the local market and speaks the language of international investment gave an illustrated speech and presentation showing that the investors are already attracted to the Saudi market, and the main goal is to provide the focus sectors and stocks with an active manager who know the market and speaks the global investment language, and prompt the strategy of disciplined stock selection in which he can achieve a leading investment position in the Saudi market. Hoping the Saudi stock market achieve a unique position; and has the wise financial investment philosophy and a strong team has international experience with proven achievements in the region.